Talk radio legend Neal Boortz retires, fans pay tribute

Talk radio legend Neal Boortz retires, fans pay tribute!/Talkmaster/status/292377733953110016

Boortz, an Atlanta radio fixture for more than 40 years, officially retired today from his nationally syndicated show. Fans across the country are paying tribute and wishing him well:

Congrats to @talkmaster on an amazing radio run. Enjoy this next stage of life. One door closes, another opens…

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 18, 2013

Congratulations @talkmaster on an awesome and impressive radio career.Well done.Now don’t run over any hippies in the Boortz bus.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) January 18, 2013

“Talkmaster: Holy crap! For the first time in 42 yrs I’m unemployed!” I can’t believe he’s gone! ATL icon! Will miss you @talkmaster. Encore

— Beverly Fant (@amazedwithgrace) January 18, 2013

A big shout out to @talkmaster, he has influenced my life in both good and bad ways 😉 … ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME!! #cheers #AMF

— Stephen Aery (@stephenaery) January 18, 2013

The news won’t be the same without the @talkmaster You will be missed sir.

— Jason McCullough (@jasonsmcc) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster we don’t agree on every conservative policy emphasis but your voice was very valuable in debate. Your passion will be missed.

— bradcundiff (@bradcundiff) January 18, 2013

It’s over After 42 years #Boortz hangs up his microphone. He won’t remember the conversation we had in Atlanta, but I’m grateful @talkmaster

— Simon Conway (@SimonRadio1776) January 18, 2013

End of an era! 42 years of broadcasting. Congrats @talkmaster it’s been an honor.@ Cox Media Group Atlanta

— Fisher (@FisherOnTheAir) January 18, 2013

Sad today was @talkmaster last day on the air. Great mouth piece for conservatism for 42 years.Said what others were afraid to. All the best

— Tom Dersham (@littleinsteins) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster Wow. I don’t know how ill get through my mornings without hearing you go on a rant about something . Ill miss you .

— Rakkasan (@AirAssault_3187) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster I cried like an idiot today listening to your last 20 minutes. Thanks for forcing me to think differently now.You’ll be missed

— Shelly Echols (@ShellyEchols) January 18, 2013

@talkmasterYou will always be the voice in my head. 2kids in private school, no student debt and still married. Thank you and best wishes!

— TIFFANY (@tifflleslie) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster Im gonna miss you. Thank You for all the years.

— mark l (@mcl_8735) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster safe travels and keep the sunnyside up. im going to miss you each am

— mark gilbert (@mark5019) January 18, 2013

I’m going to miss listening to @talkmaster. End of an era, talk radio has one of itsbest retiring.

— Joey Argento (@ArgentoJoey) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster Enjoyed your show today as usual! Best wishes to you!

— Lisa Wilson (@Corianderco) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster Happy retirement!! It was a great last show…i will be missing your rants in the morning!

— JP (@MrMasterBaiter) January 18, 2013

@talkmaster congratulations! Travel safely and I hope you won’t be quiet for long.

— Amy George (@awgeorge) January 18, 2013

Congratulations to Neal Boortz, the @talkmaster, on his retirement — hope you enjoy it in health and with family and friends.

— EdMorrissey (@EdMorrissey) January 18, 2013

Boortz plans to see the world with his wife, Donna. Best wishes to them both!

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