Tea Party president in Stop Common Core shirt denied access to Kasich event

Tea Party president in Stop Common Core shirt denied access to Kasich event


The president of the Cincinnati Tea Party says she was denied admittance to a get-out-the-vote campaign stop by Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich Monday night and threatened with arrest because she intended to ask a question about the governor’s support for Common Core.

Tea partier @annbecker1999 ejected from @JohnKasich #ohgov rally. Disruptive, or just wearing anti #CommonCore shirt? http://t.co/DmC2FnEXDW

— Chrissie Thompson (@CThompsonENQ) October 14, 2014

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s state capital reporter, Chrissie Thompson, reports:

Ann Becker, tea party president and a Butler County voter, said she was wearing an “Ohioans Against Common Core” T-shirt when private security stopped her from entering the event at Voice of America MetroPark and asked if she was invited.

The security officer went inside to confirm the invitation with Butler County GOP officials, who hosted the rally, while about eight other people got into the event without being stopped, Becker said.

Becker, who served as a Butler County GOP central committee woman until May, said she was told she was not on the guest list, even though she showed the officer the email RSVP she had sent to the Butler County GOP earlier in the day.

“He said I had to leave the premises immediately or I would be removed,” said Becker, who was among a group of T-shirt wearing protesters who were denied access to the event.

UPDATE: @JohnKasich campn spox @conniewehrkamp says local tea party hed @annbecker1999 ejected 4 being 'disruptive,' http://t.co/4S4b3bzZT6

— Carl Weiser (@cweiser) October 14, 2014

Becker posted a photo of her “disruptive” group to her blog:


Well, at least someone tried to talk some sense to the governor about Common Core.

@annbecker1999 Welp, so much for that guy.

— Eric Silver (@EricSilverUSA) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 Way to go, Ann! Keep up the good work! #CommonCore must go! Ohio voters deserve answers from Gov. Kasich.

— Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 @OhioAgainstCCSS I hope you got the police officers name who stood with this fascist government. Shame on you @JohnKasich

— ✝Joe B✝ (@NRA_LIFER) October 14, 2014

@NRA_LIFER @OhioAgainstCCSS @JohnKasich Officer was just doing his job. Knew it was wrong.The Butler Co GOP/Kasich staff pulling the strings

— Ann Becker (@annbecker1999) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 Ejected from a .@GOP Rally by a Republican Governor who we got elected in 2010. & These people expect us to send $ & Vote

— Roy Wagner (@royw07) October 14, 2014

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