These Real Haunted Hospitals Will Make You Feel Better About Not Having Healthcare.

These Real Haunted Hospitals Will Make You Feel Better About Not Having Healthcare.

Everyone keeps talking about Obamacare, but nobody seems to want to talk about the real healthcare horror: haunted hospitals.

Yup! Hospitals are arguably one of the scariest places even without ghosts, and currently neither Congress nor the president are doing anything to tear these places down or at least perform some kind of exorcism. Here are some haunted hospitals that are scarier the bill for the time when you sprained your leg.

1.) Tranquille Sanatorium in British Columbia, Canada was one of the locations of the most recent A-team reboot, but the facility has a past even darker than the film’s box office record. There are rumors that a nurse was once killed by a patient there and visitors often claim the presence of celestial orbs floating around.

2.) The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Australia is famous for how easy it was to get admitted there, requiring only two signatures. Over 9,000 patients died here in the 128 years before it was closed in 1995, including the death of one girl who was thrown from a window. Her murderer was never found.

3.) This isn’t just some sort of Hollywood trope, St. Augustine FL has a haunted hospital that was actually built on an Indian burial ground. People say they have witnessed hospital equipment and beds moving around on their own accord and figures of patients never cured.

4.) Although now mostly the property of Ohio University, the Athens Mental Hospital in Athens, Ohio was infamous for its lobotomy procedures and for the fact that its records could only be obtained by special permission from the state government of Ohio. In 1978 a female patient disappeared and her body wasn’t found until three decades later.

5.) The Fernald State School in Massachusetts was originally called the “Massachusetts School for Idiotic Children” and even though they changed the name, it was clear what its superintendent thought of the boys who were treated here, beating them, allowing workers sexually abuse them and even at one point feeding them Quaker Oats laced with radiation.

6.) In London the Wittingham hospital was charged with similarly horrific allegations of abuse. Patients were apparently fed something called “slop” which was just food watered down and mixed together. Two nurses once filled a patients shoes with alcohol and lit them on fire.

7.) Sai Ying Pun Psychiatry Hospital in Hong Kong was taken over by Japanese soldiers during WWII and was used as an execution hall. There have been numerous accounts of a demonic looking man running through the halls and when seen he bursts into flames. At times decapitated bodies, possibly this man’s victims, can also be seen trying to escape the premises.


8.) The Tauton State Hospital is infamous for Jane Toppen, a nurse who confessed to killing 31 people and the rumors that its staff would take patients down into a secret underground dungeon and perform satanic rituals of torture upon them. There’s also a “shadow man” who supposedly peers into the patients’ rooms and watches them.

So, if you’re going to write to your Congressmen about health care, please them to send these hospital ghosts back to their graves. Why worry about policies when there are ghosts running around some of these famous hospitals? 

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