This Guy Made An Awesome Coffee Table From Scratch...On His Day Off

This Guy Made An Awesome Coffee Table From Scratch…On His Day Off

Working three jobs leaves me with very little free time, so on my days off, I make time to binge-watch all the TV shows I’ve missed out on during the week. While I prefer to relax on my days off, others still manage to put in a full day’s work even though they don’t have to.
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For Redditor Picko_11, he spends his days off fiddling with side projects in his workshop. Recently, he was able to build an awesome coffee table for his living room…in just one day.

Picko_11 began by measuring and cutting some pieces of wood to his desired dimensions.

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He cut biscuits and the corresponding holes that would help keep the boards secured in place.

Using a quick-drying, expanding glue, Picko_11 glued and clamped the table together.

When the glue dried, he sanded away the excess and used a chisel to chip away at the hard-to-reach areas.

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He cut a glacier-white piece of Corian to size and used it for the center of the table.

He also marked off other areas that would soon house pieces of Corian, too.

Holes were drilled for a brass rod inlay.

He cut the brass pieces to size, hammered them into place, and sanded them down flush with the table.

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Wanting the different hues to really pop, he slapped on a few coats of stain.

All that was left was to attach the legs.

After less than eight hours of work, Picko_11 was able to admire this awesome coffee table.

His girlfriend might not admire it, but this table is the perfect addition to their living room.

If Picko_11‘s hard work and determination are anything to go by, I need to increase my work ethic during my next day off.

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