This Photographer’s Work Makes a Normal Home Seem Like a Mythical Place.

This Photographer’s Work Makes a Normal Home Seem Like a Mythical Place.

I’ve heard of redecorating, but when Carolyn Lefley wants to take the look of her home in a different direction, she doesn’t just reupholster a couch or replace curtains. This talented photographer practically takes the room and transports it to another world. If you thought Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was impressive, you’ll be blown away by how Lefley changes the entire look of her home’s interior. 

In her “Realm” project, Lefley works with a woodland theme that seems like it could only exist in a fairy tale. She not only brings it inside, but transforms a house into a spooky forest. It’s quite impressive.  

“Realm” by Carolyn Lefley

In “Realm,” Lefley wanted to show “a world that floats between reality and fantasy, between believable spaces and sites of make believe.”

Mission accomplished.

Lefley, like authors C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald, loves the idea of one’s home being a portal to another mythical place.

By digitally altering her photography, she really makes it seem like a reality.

Lefley says, “Photographs are windows to another world and as such have a magical quality to them.”

This world certainly seems to have a magical quality to it.

It’s hard not to feel like you’re going to stumble upon a witch or a mythical beast of some sort.


It doesn’t seem like you have to worry about any neighbors in this realm.


It’s amazing how Lefley can make a fantasy realm seem like such a reality.

(via Carolyn Lefley)

I know it’s digitally altered photography, but it seems so real…especially for something that looks straight out of a mythical story. If you would like to see more of Carolyn Lefley’s work, check out her personal website.

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