Those 'Farm Fresh' Eggs You Bought? Yeah, They've Been On The Shelf For A While Now

Those ‘Farm Fresh’ Eggs You Bought? Yeah, They’ve Been On The Shelf For A While Now

When you’re buying eggs at the grocery store, you might look for labels like “cage-free,” “organic,” or “farm fresh.”

These labels would seem to indicate that the eggs you’re buying have been packaged relatively recently and that you can expect them to be fresh. While that’s technically true and grocery stores do follow specific regulations, an investigation has revealed that the time it takes to get eggs from a farm to your table might be longer than you think.

Watch this farmer explain how he figured out how long eggs have been sitting on the shelf and how you can, too.

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This is totally eye-opening. Eggs sitting in their packages for more than a month do not count as fresh to me. Share with the people in your life who love to eat fresh and healthy food so they can make great choices at the store.

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