Today at White House: No action on shutdown, no calls; No golf?

Today at White House: No action on shutdown, no calls; No golf?!/markknoller/status/386971806118465536

If the president’s not golfing today because it would look bad during a government shutdown, what was he doing golfing with Joe Biden after calling on Congress to do something about chemical weapons attacks in Syria?

Whatever the subject of the president’s laser-like focus today, it will remain under wraps. Today there’s a travel and photo lid on the president’s activities.!/anantucketlady/status/386876485501325313!/lizreads/status/386920545536581632

So what you’re saying is, President Obama isn’t golfing today? Can we get another source?!/cindykilkenny/status/386966079500996608!/cindykilkenny/status/386970071253676032!/cindykilkenny/status/386971049419874304!/cindykilkenny/status/386971912934793216

No, really; the president didn’t go golfing today. That’s how brutal this shutdown business is.

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