Undermining One's Own Brand? Pepsi Employee Wellness Sin Tax

Interestingly, Pepsi levied a sin tax against its own employees for consumption of its own product. Okay. Okay. I jumped to a conclusion. It can't be proven that soda drinking causes obesity, or that Pepsico employees actually drink soda, much less favor Pepsi to Coke in a taste challenge. However, but, well, er... it is levying a 50 dollar monthly fine against obese employees (that is, employees who smoke, or have diabetes, hypertension, and high blood pressure). I think they should start preaching moderation in soda drinking to employees at other companies, and the world at large. How about you?

On the subject of brand and business (forget business ethics, we all know ethics bend to green), what does that do to a brand? I suppose if the news doesn't get out there enough, it does nothing. Ah well.