Van Jones ‘honored’ to be among those targeted by racist GOP

Van Jones ‘honored’ to be among those targeted by racist GOP!/VanJones68/status/270647920301334528

The former Green Jobs Czar decided to flex his famous subtlety muscles this afternoon when he tweeted out this picture:

Gee, what could he be suggesting?

Conservatives, fed up with the Left’s incessant race-baiting, took Jones to task:

All incompetent? MT @vanjones68: Honored 2b included on list of heroes. When all the best love u & all worst hate u

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) November 19, 2012

@samvalley .@vanjones68 must have cropped Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, David Axelrod, and Harry Reid out of that picture for some reason.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) November 19, 2012

@vanjones68 @sonniebeverly maybe it’s the emphasis on class warfare. Maybe it’s the redistribution of wealth. Maybe it’s politics!

— Jeff Parker (@bucklives22) November 19, 2012

@vanjones68 ohh I got it, yall are communist progressives, that is the first thing I thought, stop race baiting,

— Eddie Myers (@edwardtwo) November 19, 2012

Yes. Enough.

Even this admirer of Jones thinks it’s long past time to put away the race card:

@vanjones68 liberals? Why does it have to be about race?

— nick galano (@wizard5ive) November 19, 2012

(Hat tip: @SamValley)



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