What His GoPro Captured During This Ride Is Terrifying...He's Lucky To Be Alive

What His GoPro Captured During This Ride Is Terrifying…He’s Lucky To Be Alive

Attaching your GoPro camera to your helmet while you do extreme sports is the cool new thing. Getting to check out a first-person perspective of your adventures after the fact is kind of incredible when you think about it. However, these cameras don’t just capture the cool moments. They also capture the downright scary ones.

Take, for example, this helmet GoPro footage from off-road cyclist Parker Goodwin. He was riding with a crew of bikers from Mad Dog Cycles when he crashed. His GoPro captured the whole thing, even his body convulsing for a few minutes afterward.

Talk about a close call.

(source: Parker Goodwin)

Luckily, Goodwin survived his face-to-face encounter with the ground. He wasn’t on the trip alone and his fellow riders were able to get him off the trail in time before anything else could happen. Just imagine if he had been riding by himself that day.

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