When Dad Does His Little Girl's Hair, He Does It With Style

When Dad Does His Little Girl’s Hair, He Does It With Style

Now that moms work outside the home just as much as dads do, gender roles are totally changing…especially when it comes to parenting. There’s one job that dads used to be able to avoid back in the day, but now, they’re being put to the test. When dad’s in charge of getting his little girl ready for school, it means that he has to help her pull off a great hairstyle just like mom would.

Just ask this guy. He’s become the master of creating adorable buns in his daughter’s hair. Sure, his methods may be unusual, but he gets the job done!

Luckily, this girl isn’t affected by motion sickness. She’s a little trooper! She’ll spin forever as long as her hair is on point for school. Good job, dad!

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