Which #ObamaPBSKidShow will hire Telly Prompter? Here are some guesses

Which #ObamaPBSKidShow will hire Telly Prompter? Here are some guesses


While the president was taking the stage at a campaign event to the sounds of the “Sesame Street” theme, Mitt Romney was doing his best on CNN to shake the media out of its current obsession with Big Bird and put the focus back on jobs. Twitter had fun earlier today creating some #NewObamaMuppets, but all of those puppets are going to need jobs, aren’t they? Which #ObamaPBSKidShow will feature new favorites Fozzie Math and Tingle My Leg Elmo?

We're gonna choom-choom-choom-choom-choom, we're gonna chooma chooma choom-choom-choom #ObamaPBSkidshow http://t.co/sEwz8Lxf

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 9, 2012

Under the Magic School Bus #ObamaPBSkidshow

— John Wehrle (@jwehrle) October 9, 2012

Yeah, what was that dinosaur’s name again? Frank something?

@iowahawkblog Remember that purple dinosaur whose significant other ran protsitutes out of his apartment #ObamaPBSkidshow

— Orson Snow (@OrsonSnow) October 9, 2012

#ObamaPBSkidshow Occupy Sesame Street

— Bob Owens (@bob_owens) October 9, 2012

#ObamaPBSkidshow The Solar Electric Company

— Libtardistan (@cantcurestupid) October 9, 2012

The necessarily skyrocketing Electric Company prices #ObamaPBSkidshow

— Ollie (@texasollie) October 9, 2012


Will friendly neighbor Bill Ayers stop by for a visit? Stay tuned.

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