The White Pages Directory

Years ago, the term white pages meant a directory of people. Today, with the progression of online media, the white pages directory has in many cases come to mean a directory that contains both business and people.

Interestingly, once yellow paper was used for businesses in the late 19th century, it came to be a marker for differentiating the two. Nowadays that still holds valid for print publications. How come it is different for online directories?

One of the main reasons white pages directories are now indexing business listings is simply because internet searches constitute such a large percentage of global traffic, it only makes sense for these directories to capitalize on business related searches.

Additionally, as businesses migrate to the web, there is a renewed ability to re-create brand identities, even for something as timeless as the color coding of the yellow pages and white pages and the different communities they have signified.

Our business directory, which offers local, global and national listings has of course sidestepped this battle. White pages vs. yellow pages; regardless of color, we simply are the business pages. And what's more, we're free. That's why you can't do better to ramp up your business than seizing the opportunity to create your free listing on the Best Brands WorldWide Business Directory to market your company's brands, products and services.